Building Wealth With Your Self-Directed Retirement Account

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Building Wealth With Your Self-Directed Retirement Account – Investor Shift. Greg Clement and Don Fowler interview John Bowens of Equity Trust.

They discuss why right now is the perfect time to establish self-directed accounts and how you can be ready for the buying opportunities that will arise in the near future.

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They discuss the following topics in detail:

• How to increase the yield on Real Estate Investments through Self-Directed IRA tax-mitigation strategies
• How to buy rentals and perform fix & flips with a SDIRA
• How other investors are creating wealth with their SDIRA’s
• Why now is a great time to self-direct AND get ready for buying opportunities.

Our experts will also discuss:
• CARES ACT SEC. 2103 – When is the right time to access your IRA funds and when to leave them alone
• Solo K for self-employed individuals (don’t know what this is? Make sure you’re on this call!)
• Partnering of accounts to do a larger investment and why this is a good idea
• What is a Real Estate Joint Venture? Discover how you can do a minority investment share, but get the majority of the investment profit.

Remember, people over profits is our number one priority. However, new buying opportunities will arise, creating win-win types of situations for both investors and sellers and we want you to be ready for them.

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Meet The Guests

Greg Clement

Founder-CEO of Realeflow

Over the past 14 years he has guided Realeflow from a product development and marketing perspective to become the largest software company in the country for the real estate investing niche.

Gary Thomas

National Education Speaker and Retail Sales Manager at Equity Trust, provides educational resources to real estate and alternative asset investors.

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