How Successful Real Estate Investors Handle Their Business During COVID-19

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Our REI Roundtable host Rob “The House Guy” Gillespie becomes a guest on this special Investor Shift webinar hosted by Don Fowler.

He is joined by Jenna Hoover, owner of Jenna Buys Houses, to discuss how they are handling real estate investing in the new age of Coronavirus. 

Listen to the Podcast on this page. 

Or watch the webinar here.  

On this informative live webinar, Jenna and Rob will discuss…

  • How 2 active investors are growing their REI business now, even in the face of the coronavirus pandemic
  • How to consistently generate seller leads and become a deal architect
  • How to find and interact with REI buyers that are still buying properties right now
  • What you can do in your local market to help – People Over Profits(your success will depend on this!)

People are scared and the feelings of uncertainty are causing high levels of stress for folks across the country. 

Discover how you can be the one that they turn to, creating a win-win situation when people need it the most.


When asked, “How do you increase your profits?” most investors will reply, “by doing more deals.” There is a better way that requires no more money than you are spending on marketing today! That way is by identifying your sweet spot.

Meet The Guests

Jenna Hoover

Jenna Buys Houses, LLC & Revamp Realty, LLC were born and bred in the heart of Fayette County, PA. Jenna is passionate about revitalizing her area but more importantly, her true passion is to help the families in the community.

Rob “The House Guy” Gillespie

Rob has been involved in more than 1000 real estate investment deals over the past two decades. His approach on finding, funding and turning properties into income producing assets is what makes him one of the most sought after Real estate investment consultants in America

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