The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

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The fortune is in the follow up.

We’ve all heard that phrase before and, in this special REI Roundtable Podcast episode, Rob The House Guy interviews Joanna Anderson, also known in the world of real estate investing as the Queen of the Follow-Up. In this detailed interview Joanna will share her tried and true tips and tricks for maintaining a high volume of great deals, even now. 

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JoAnna and Rob discuss how much times have changed from the days of bandit signs, door knocking, and door hangers to AI, direct mail marketing, and virtual assistants. 

Some of what you’ll discover include: 

• What you need to do at the initial contact with a potential seller and why it is so important

• Virtual assistants – the do’s and don’t’s and what they can, and should, handle for you 

• Why taking the time to hire the right virtual assistants can make or break your business 

• How the right systems and processes create an assembly line in your business that runs flawlessly even when you’re not around 

• The exact steps that JoAnna uses from marketing to finding leads to making offers and finding the right solution for each seller 

• What skip tracing is and why it’s important

• How and when to follow up with potential sellers and when to call it quits 

• How to position your company with sellers so that you become the solution to their problem 

• How building relationships builds your business 

Plus a lot more! 

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When you listen to the advice and experience of successful investors who have gone through the trials and tribulations of making mistakes and building a long-term business, then you’re automatically a step ahead of your competitors.

Inspire us in the comment section below with your personal success stories and experiences!

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Note: This podcast was recorded before the coronavirus pandemic took hold in the U.S. For continued updates on the changes taking place in the industry of real estate investing as it relates to COVID-19, please visit our new dedicated website, 


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Meet The Guest

JoAnna Anderson

Owner/Project Manager at Remnant Real Estate Solutions/Business Coach/Fortune Builders Speaker/Realtornity.

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